Pocket Filmmaking


You have a great idea for a film.  You even have a working script.  But now what?  Surely you can’t just go out and start shooting. Or can you? Now your first thought is that you’ll need a big budget, a highend camera, and at least a skeleton crew to get your film made. But that’s not necessarily true.  In reality, all you need is what you have in your pocket. And a good plan.

That’s the beauty of pocket filmmaking. It allows you to go where a lot of big cameras can’t.  You see, in general people are comfortable around smart phones. You can typically shoot without being intrusive to your setting. And getting shots that look more natural is a lot easier.  Again, they just have to be planned.

That’s where Pocket Storyboards comes in. It’s the perfect tool to get you focused and prepared for your shoot.  And best of all, it fits in your back pocket.